100+ Public Interest Campaigns to Stop Apathy, Hatred, Violence & Crimes in Cities!

This is a global public interest, sharing and reporting platform and advocacy/ social-good values for CSR campaigns. We can stop abuse, hatred, violence, public safety & crimes with the support, feedback and active reporting by citizens, journalists, leaders, public figures, communities & interested groups to bring harmony in lives. You many Sponsor a Cause, Write to Us! our Join to File an Anonymous Citizen Report!

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Stop Attacks on Society

Global campaigns to help us feel a #LittleSafer in our communities & cities. Public interest initiative(s)  by and for citizens, journalists, leaders & social activists, who care to #StopCrime #PublicSafety #PublicInterest #StopGunViolence #HumanRights #StopCorruption #PressFreedom @LittleSafer | @CrimeCop | @ViaGuru - Sharing is ≠ endorsement.

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This covers common problems, crime and harassment faced by everyone and have been suggested by concerned citizens to highlight and report and share their concerns with others on this website(s).

Sharing within our Community helps

This initiative is free for all. Those interested may contribute with a premium yearly subscription!

Live inputs on crime happening around us

You will be able to upload any criminal activity with info. that you see along with pictures.

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It's All About Citizens Safety Concerns!

CrimeCop is a global crime prevention and live reporting initiative to make our lives a little safer in cities. It is a free-for-all public-safety platform for citizens to help #EndCrime in our neighbourhood. The campaigns on various crime issues with the socialmedia hashtag #LittleSafer, are driven by journalistic groups, elected leaders, interest groups and community citizens who colloborate to share information and are interested to stop crime - by simply reporting them. The campaigns are driven online to help inform friends and family, instantly about a crime or a violation that is of concern to all and needs to be reported. The colloborative efforts of all will foster a better neighbourhood security watch to make us all a little safer!

Daily Neighborhood Updates

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We will provide daily localized citizens press views news for your city on demand and concerns for us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I upload images with my crime report? This feature is for premium users who have made a donation subscription, they have the additional upload space.

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If you wish to actively file updates with images, you can do that and report as regularly as you want. Glad to have you onboard as a groupee!
We do not take any support or incentives in any manner from any government agency. We may provide them any relevant information to stop a present danger or criminal activity that has been reported anonymously.
We welcome your support by helping spread the word. If you are active, you can become an Editor or Leader in your region! We have many like you from around the world logging in to report. Let us know, which country or city you wish to launch and we will setup the platform. Send an email to support.
As mentioned above, any share is a belief of support of a social-good cause and not an endorsement in any manner whatsoever. If you believe that your voice will be heard by many, then please support it with a message or a share.
Yes it is, as we don't ask for any last name, physical address or phone number from you while registering. We also do not share your contact details with any third-party for any purpose whatsoever and respect your privacy and anonymity. Please do not put any identifiable information like email, phone numbers etc. within the content you write. Nobody can be completely be anonymous on the internet really!

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